The Mikado Must Go On!

We want to give another round of applause for Geezer Group Productions and their fantastic production of “The Mikado.” For those of you who haven’t been to one of their shows yet, Geezer Group Productions is a group of Havenwood Heritage Heights residents who share their talent and passion with us through various plays and productions throughout the year.

Their recent success with the production of “The Mikado” was especially impressive after practice was cancelled for two weeks when several residents came down with this year’s flu and group activities were paused for precautionary measures. Yet, in true show business fashion, Geezer Group Productions clung to the old credo, “The show must go on!” and managed to pull off a phenomenal performance. Here are some photos and information from the show:

geezer group productions

mikado 2


Mikado HHH

mikado 3

mikado hhh

page 4

Mikado HHH Directors

Mikado guys


Thank you again Geezer Group Productions and all those involved in making this production a success!  We can’t wait to find out what the next production will be!

mikado cast hhh