9 Qualities That All Great Nurses Have

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we think the world of our nurses. This week was National Nurses Week, and we’re proud to honor our nurses for their important contributions to society. (We were even able to snap a few candid shots of some of them on the job!)

What are some of the qualities that make these dedicated medical professionals so special?

  1. They’re Skillful Communicators

Nurses must have exceptional speaking and listening skills. They must give and follow directions impeccably, and they must be able to explain complex medical concepts in layman’s terms. Nurses advocate for patients, and they make sure their patients’ needs are understood.

  1. They’re Highly Detail-Oriented

Nurses are the people who implement care plans, and details literally can be a matter of life and death. Skilled nurses understand processes and take great care to avoid errors or skipping vital steps. They don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the precious lives in their care.

  1. They’re Tough Cookies

Nurses have incredible physical stamina — which is required for the variety of tasks that pop up in medical settings. Whether they’re on their feet for many hours at a time, moving heavy items or dealing with emotionally draining situations, nurses maintain their enthusiasm and energy. They’re also mentally tough, having internalized vast amounts of information in a wide range of disciplines: chemistry, nutrition, psychology, anatomy and more.

  1. They Put People at Ease

Patients who need medical care may be fearful, angry or in a state of otherwise heightened emotions. They also may feel very alone. Great nurses have a way of calming fears and getting even the most reticent patient to open up.

  1. They Handle Stress Gracefully

Few careers are as emotionally challenging as nursing. Some days can seem filled with gloom, but nurses continue to provide attentive, loving care to every individual patient on a daily basis. Even with a demanding schedule and a heavy workload, great nurses shield their patients from the stress around them.

  1. They’re Part of the Solution

In a medical setting, problems can crop up constantly. The best nurses think quickly to solve problems and even anticipate problems before they happen.

  1. They See the Glass as Half-Full

Nurses are optimists. They must be to do the jobs they do day in and day out. They act not only as caregivers but as cheerleaders for their patients, setting a positive and optimistic tone that helps facilitate healing.

  1. They Have the Patience of Job

Research has found that more than 60 percent of patients fail to follow their doctor’s orders when taking medications. But even when patients don’t follow directions that could impact their health, great nurses maintain their patience.

  1. They’re Incredibly Empathetic

The movies often portray nurses as kind figures, quick to offer a soothing word, a hand to hold, and hope that all will turn out well. The truth is, great nurses are highly empathetic in real life, and a patient’s suffering hurts them. That’s why they chose the medical field — because they care deeply about people and want to help.

We Love Our Nurses

For National Nurses Week, our thoughts turn to the many contributions these skilled healthcare professionals make each and every day — both at Havenwood Heritage Heights and in the larger community. We want our nursing team members to know just how appreciated they are. Nurses, we salute you!