6 Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

If you’re looking for a relaxing, gentle form of exercise that provides multiple health benefits, we think you’ll love Tai Chi. As a type of “internal” martial art, Tai Chi focuses on integrating the mental and spiritual self into physical movement.

Here at Havenwood Heritage Heights, we’re proud of our Tai Chi program. If you’re visiting Concord, New Hampshire, we hope you’ll stop by for one of our classes!

  1. Builds Strength

You can improve both your upper- and lower-body strength by participating in Tai Chi, experts advise. When you practice regularly, you can get comparable benefits from Tai Chi that you get from walking at a quick pace and resistance training. Your practice also can help you strengthen your core muscles in your abdomen and back.

  1. Promotes Balance

You also may better your balance — and potentially reduce the risk of falling — by participating. Experts say that as we age, we begin to lose our intuitive awareness of the position of our body in space, known as proprioception. Tai Chi assists in further developing this sense, which is related to stretch receptors in your ligaments and muscles. Training in Tai Chi also can help reduce your fear of falling, which research has found actually makes you less likely to fall.

  1. Develops Flexibility

Participating in Tai Chi can assist you in improving flexibility in both your lower and upper body. Along with balance, better flexibility also can help you recover if you stumble and potentially avoid a fall.

  1. Improves Fitness

Tai Chi works well for helping people at various fitness levels improve their aerobic conditioning. Although the 19 movements traditionally are performed in a slow and smooth manner, you can get your heart rate up by performing them at a higher speed or with a wider range of motion — if your doctor advises that a higher-intensity cardio workout is appropriate for you.

  1. Enhances Artery Condition

Research has found that Tai Chi may help with arterial flexibility — the arteries’ ability to contract and expand as blood moves through. High arterial flexibility serves as a positive indicator of the general health of your cardiovascular system and points to a lower risk of poor circulation and heart disease, experts say.

  1. Elevates Overall Health

Tai Chi also has been found to provide improvement and relief for a multitude of health conditions, including:

  • Pain, including arthritis symptoms.
  • Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.
  • Stress.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Bone loss.
  • Poor strength in the lower body and legs.

In addition, it promotes deep breathing, mental capacity and recovery time after a heart attack or stroke, experts say.

For your overall health, Tai Chi is one of the best — and most relaxing — forms of exercise you can choose. If you’re interested in Tai Chi in Concord, NH, please contact us for more information about our program at Havenwood Heritage Heights.