Ed & Ruby’s Havenwood History

There aren’t many people with more history tied to Havenwood Heritage Heights than Ed & Ruby Bartlett.  In 1956 their first house as a married couple was right on the site that is now our Administration Building. Ruby’s uncle actually owned much of the land surrounding the house and sold it to Havenwood Heritage Heights.

Like many of our residents, Ed and Ruby came to a point in their retirement where they knew it was time to start planning for their future long-term.  Ed and Ruby decided that they wanted to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community, and they wanted to do it sooner rather than later after watching some of their friends’ experiences with not moving soon enough.  Ed and Ruby considered moving to Florida, but after doing their research, the couple felt that Havenwood Heritage Heights was the place they’d be happiest for years to come. Ed recalls that their familiarity with the history and the reputation of the community made the decision much easier for them. “We’ve got lots of background and previous contact,” Ed says. “When you go to a place that’s been here for fifty plus years, it’s really comforting to make that decision.”

When Ed found out that many of the new homes on our campus come with garages and basements, that really seemed to seal the deal for the Bartletts.  Ed and Ruby felt confident moving into their new home at Havenwood Heritage Heights, and they’ve been an incredible addition to the community ever since!