6 Tips for A Speedy Rehabilitation

When you enter rehabilitative care after a hospital stay, you can expect qualified medical professionals to attend to all your needs as you heal. But you also can take an active role in your recovery to ensure that you get the most from rehabilitation. To get back on your feet as soon as possible, consider these tips for making sure you stay involved in your rehabilitation plan.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

If you have questions about anything related to your rehabilitation care, don’t hesitate to ask! Take the initiative to talk to your care providers to understand the goals for your recovery and the plan for getting there. And by all means, if you’re in pain or otherwise experiencing discomfort, let your team members know.

Stay Optimistic

An upbeat attitude can work wonders when it comes to healing. By thinking positively, you can enjoy your stay in rehabilitation as personal time for relaxing and rejuvenating. Use visualization techniques to picture yourself back in your home participating in all the activities you enjoy. Be sure to invite loved ones and friends to visit you during your rehabilitation stay to help keep your spirits high.

Eat a Nutritious, Healing Diet

If you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or a serious illness, you may not feel much like eating. But consuming a healthy diet is more important than ever as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to help you heal. During your rehabilitation stay, take advantage of all the nutritious foods you’re offered. Continue the healthy habits once you go home by including plenty of high-quality protein, vitamin-rich produce, fiber, and immune-boosting probiotics. Avoid getting too much sugar and processed foods.

Follow Your Care Instructions

During your rehabilitation stay and after you return home, it’s critical to follow all instructions from your care team. For example, if your doctor has advised you not to drive for a certain period of time, you should follow the recommendation even if you’re feeling back to 100 percent. Once you feel much better, your body still may be healing internally; by following your doctor’s instructions, you maximize your chances of complete recovery.

Attend Your Appointments

Once your rehabilitation stay is done and you’re back at home, it may be tempting to skip a follow-up appointment here and there. But even if you feel fully healed, your doctor will be looking for signs you may not notice, such as the status of internal incisions. Your doctor also may want blood work and other follow-up testing done to make sure you don’t develop an infection or other complications.

Get Back to Moving — Cautiously

Once your medical team gives you the OK for walking, it’s important to get moving to avoid complications like blood clots. When you’re back home, continue to move as much as possible.

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, our residents stay in our onsite hospital when they need rehabilitation care following a surgery or injury. To learn more, please contact us anytime.