Halloween Activities for Seniors

In case you haven’t heard, Halloween isn’t only for kids anymore. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Americans now celebrate this spooky holiday, up from just over 52 percent a decade ago.

If you’d like to join in the eerie fun this Halloween, you can choose among a variety of ways to celebrate. Here are some of our favorite activities to help seniors mark the passage of Oct. 31.

Whip up some Hair-Raising Goodies

Most holidays revolve around yummy treats, and Halloween certainly calls for appropriately festive munchies. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Halloween fare includes frightening amounts of sugar, but you can create healthier options that will hit the spot. Consider:sweet-potato-jack-o-lantern-vertical

Create Creepy Crafts

If you’re creative or love making things, consider putting together one of numerous Halloween projects you can find online. Once you complete your projects, you can use the results as decorations throughout the remainder of October.

Candles serve as great decorations for Halloween, and you can make yours especially suitable for the holiday with the help of a few supplies. For example, wrap some black lace around an orange candle for spooky shapes as the candle burns; for maximum safety, use a flameless candle.

Spider webs are another easy, decorative item you can put together quickly using just coffee filters and yarn. Hanging ghosts are a cute, high-impact seasonal craft that’s quick to make from some cardstock or scrapbook paper.

Of course, the holiday wouldn’t be complete without a jack-o’-lantern. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting yours, you can use paint or permanent markers to draw your designs instead.

Socialize with Like-Minded Ghouls

If you plan to cook up some Halloween recipes and create some festive decorations, you have the makings of a party! Invite friends over to your place, or head out to someone else’s party, bringing along the goodies you’ve whipped up.

If you host a party, think of a fun theme that your friends will love — Hollywood celebrities, anyone? Be sure to plan some activities that will get your friends interacting and laughing, like a game of Halloween-themed charades, ghost stories, or a costume contest. Viewing a classic scary movie also can provide an evening of spooky fun.

Get into the Halloween Spirit

If you’ve never really celebrated Halloween in the past, now is a great time to start by whipping up some special food, putting together decorative crafts and getting together with friends to enjoy the night. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, you can enjoy fun, engaging activities throughout the year. To learn more, please contact us today!