NH is #3 in US for Senior Health

If you’re searching for a great place to retire that supports seniors’ health, take a look at New Hampshire!

hhh2We’re especially partial to our beautiful state, but the experts agree: In its 2016 America’s Health Rankings Senior Report, the United Health Foundation has named New Hampshire as the third-best state for senior health.

The report includes significant data on how states are promoting seniors’ health, and it uses a variety of factors in its rankings — including medical care, government policies, lifestyle factors and community resources.

What Makes New Hampshire Great for Seniors?

The rankings place New Hampshire in the top three best states for seniors based on a variety of factors.

One is the percentage of skilled nursing beds in New Hampshire that have received four- or five-star rankings from Medicaid and Medicare. Across the country, just over 42 percent of skilled nursing beds meet the standard. In New Hampshire, nearly 55 percent have received the coveted ratings.

In addition, New Hampshire is among the states with the lowest rate of seniors living in poverty, which can negatively affect the ability to find medical care, adequate housing and sufficient, nutritious food.

New Hampshire by the Numbers

Many other factors also make New Hampshire especially favorable as a place to retire. The report points out a number of the state’s strong points when it comes to being a great state for seniors. Strengths cited in the report include:

  • A high percentage of seniors who get regular dental care.
  • A high percentage of seniors having regular health screenings.
  • High availability of meals that can be delivered to the home.

The report reveals a number of positive trends for seniors living in New Hampshire, including:

  • A decrease of 16 percent in the poverty rate for people over age 65, from 6.1 percent to 5.1 percent
  • A 20-percent decrease in the number of preventable hospitalizations over the past two years, down to 46.3 from 58.2 discharges for every 1,000 Medicare recipients
  • A 26-percent decrease in hospital deaths of people 65 and older over the past three years, from 27.3 percent to 20.3 percent

The report also demonstrates that New Hampshire’s seniors take advantage of the array of available medical services. For example, almost 61 percent of adults 65 and older get a flu vaccine, while more than 90 percent of individuals ages 65 to 74 get health screenings. Almost 84 percent of seniors with diabetes are managing the condition, and 96 percent see a dedicated health care provider.

Consider Retiring in New Hampshirehhh

With its high marks for senior health, the state of New Hampshire is the perfect place to retire. As you review New Hampshire senior living communities, take a look at the variety of services and amenities to help you enjoy an active, healthy retirement lifestyle at Havenwood Heritage Heights. To schedule your visit, please contact us today.