Continue Learning at HHH

Learning is one of the best exercises for our brains at any age and it has Senior resident paintingadditional health benefits for seniors. Aside from the advantage of acquiring knowledge, the activities involved with learning promote mental and cognitive health, and create opportunities for more social engagements.

Whether you’ve graduated high school, have a bachelor’s degree, or even a masters, there is always something new to learn in a fun and engaging way. Seniors who enjoy a classroom setting or have ever wanted to take some college courses can take advantage of scholarships offered for senior citizens. Many community colleges also offer senior citizens a discount for individual classes as well as degree programs. At Concord Community Education, seniors over the age of 65 can receive a 25% discount when you enroll. Concord Community Education offers all kinds of classes ranging from typical educational subjects like math, history, literature, and science to classes for hobbies and interests like photography, gardening, antique researching, writing children’s books and many more.

A classroom style educational course isn’t the only way to keep your brain active. You can give your body a workout along with your brain by signing up for a new fitness class. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, seniors can sign up for group classes like yoga, Tai Chi, and aerobics. Another great way to try out a new exercise activity is to join one of the many clubs for some fitness outings like hiking, biking, and skiing. We are proud to offer our Dakim BrainFitness Labs with clinically tested brain fitness software for active seniors.

Signing up for a class or joining a new group not only stimulates your brain, but also supports social engagement. Taking advantage of the classes, lectures and activities offered throughout the year is a great way to meet new friends with similar interests. Havenwood Heritage Heights offers a variety of classes like arts and crafts, wood shop, theatre performance, cooking classes, along with many more.

Havenwood Heritage Heights is a Continuing Care Retirement Community in New Hampshire, just minutes from downtown Concord. Call us today to schedule a tour and find out more about our senior learning opportunities.