How to Stay Active This Winter

If winter weather is making you rethink your commitment to exercising outdoors, consider that by staying active you may ward off weight gain, increase your immunity, and keep aches and pains at bay.

There’s no doubt that for seniors, continuing an exercise program becomes more of a challenge as winter’s chill sets in. But, by using your creativity and these six tips, you can resist the temptation to hibernate on the couch.

6 Ways to Stay Active and Off The Couch This Winter

1. Listen to Your Body
If you’re already active, it’s likely with the right cold-weather gear, you can continue your fitness routine in all but the harshest of conditions. However, whether you’re an experienced exerciser or you’re just getting started, be sure to check with your doctor before engaging in outdoor activities. If you do opt to spend active time outside in winter, be aware of the signs of hypothermia, and always err on the side of caution.

2. Get Social

For overall health and well-being, socializing is just as important as staying physically active. By spending time with others, you increase your chances of avoiding the loneliness and even depression that can come with the winter holiday season. Why not devote a portion of your winter active time to volunteering or getting together with kindred spirits?


3. Try a New Indoor Activity

Winter is a great time to try a new indoor sport or activity. A variety of fitness classes, along with sports like volleyball, can be great options for keeping active as the cold winds howl outside.

4. Get Moving at Home

If the weather is too poor to spend time outside, you can still get active inside your home. Nowadays, you can choose from a multitude of options for home exercise, including weights and other fitness devices, workout DVDs, and all manner of fitness programming on the internet. Before you exercise at home, make sure you have plenty of space and any tripping hazards, like throw rugs, are safely out of your way.

5. Change the Scenery

If your area is too cold, icy or snowy for outdoor exercise, consider visiting a different location. For example, you can continue your normal walking routine in your local mall — which is likely climate-controlled and friendly to fitness walkers. An indoor pool at a local YMCA also can be just the ticket to keep you active in the winter.

6. Embrace the Weather

If all else fails, why not have a little fun with your fitness? If there’s snow on the ground, consider gathering some neighbors or your grandkids for a friendly snowball fight or snowman-building session. A dusting of the white stuff also can provide a great opportunity to take up a winter sport like snowshoeing.

However you choose to get moving, remember that any type of activity can be part of your fitness program. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, you’ll find a variety of activities to help you stay both mentally and physically fit. To plan your visit, please contact us today!