Fun Ways to Stretch Your Creative Muscles

Staying creative in your golden years offers a myriad of health benefits, both physical and mental. Whether you decide to take up painting, prefer to try out choir singing or wish to continue a life-long writing hobby, challenging yourself to remain creative as you age can help you remain mentally active, stave off loneliness and reduce stress.

The Major Benefits of Creative Endeavors for Senior Citizens

Research spearheaded by the National Institute on Aging in combination with the Society for the Arts in Healthcare has found that creative activities bestow a wide range of benefits on senior citizens. Older adults who regularly participate in creative classes report experiencing lower incidence of depression and loneliness combined with improved mood and increased confidence. Physically, senior citizens who engage in creative activities report better hand dexterity. Dementia patients in particular can benefit from ongoing creative endeavors; researchers have found that the parts of the brain responsible for engaging in visual creative activities remain unaffected by dementia for longer than those parts that control memory and verbal communication.

Local Classes and Events to Tap into Your Creative Side

For those seniors looking to take up a new creative pursuit or to gain further practice in a familiar hobby, the Concord area abounds with options for classes and workshop.

The Studio 555 Art Center in Manchester, NH offers a huge range of art classes for adults of all skill levels; from beginning drawing and watercolors to book binding, the Art Center provides an introduction to a variety of visual arts. For those who aren’t sure what they’ll enjoy, the art class sample pack allows participants to try out a variety of art forms from pottery to stained glass. Studio 555 also offers a number of one day workshops that let seniors try out a new pursuit without making a long-term commitment.

To flex your creative muscles in a more relaxed and social environment, try one of Cork & Canvas’ Paint and Sip nights. These fun painting nights guide you through a painting with themes such as tropical sunset or the full moon as you enjoy wine and snacks with your friends.

Seniors looking for a creative pursuit that is a bit off-the-beaten-path should explore the classes offered at Kimball Jenkins Estate. From printmaking and wood carving to pottery, this downtown Concord art school holds classes for adults in a range of different media–and no previous experience is necessary.

Of course, creativity is not just visual. If you’re interested in tapping into your musical side, the Concord Conservatory of Music presents a variety of adult beginner classes, including piano, ukulele and singing. Ensembles are also offered for those with more musical experience.

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we nurture a vibrant and active senior living community for our residents. We aim to provide a supportive environment that allows those in our community explore their interests and hobbies. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.