Where to Go Wine Tasting in New Hampshire

Health Benefits of Wine

Whether you tend to prefer sweeter or dryer wines, whites or reds, wine has a way of making people happy. But did you know that drinking wine in moderation can also yield a number of health benefits? As if we needed another reason to pop open a bottle, right?

Lower Your Risk for Heart Problems

Wine, both red and white, can do wonders for your heart health. Specifically, studies have found that a glass or two of wine each day can result in higher levels of “good” cholesterol and lower levels of “bad” cholesterol. This, in turn, can reduce your chance of clogged arteries, improve blood flow throughout the body, and cut back on your risk of having a heart attack or suffering from heart disease in your lifetime.

Reduce Risk of Certain Cancers

Believe it or not, wine has also been found to reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. For example, one four-year study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology found that consumption of wine—particularly red wine—cut the risk of colon cancer by nearly half! Other studies have suggested that wine can also slow down the growth of breast cancer and liver cancer cells, as well as reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Protect Your Eyesight

Cataracts can cause your eyesight to deteriorate as you age, but did you know that wine has been shown to reduce the risk of cataracts, thus protecting your eyesight from age-related vision loss? Specifically, studies have shown that moderate wine drinkers are more than 43% less likely to develop cataracts. And here we thought carrots were the key to healthier eyes this whole time!

Reduce Risk of Bone Loss

Another common condition that men and women (women especially) face as they age is that of osteoporosis, which occurs when the bones thin out and calcium is lost throughout the body. One study, however, showed that women who drank the equivalent of three glasses of wine per day enjoyed greater bone density and had a reduced risk of developing osteoporosis. Yet another study found that moderate drinkers had up to 16% higher bone density than non-drinkers.

Enjoy Wine Tasting in New Hampshire!

There are so many great wineries to visit in New Hampshire, including the popular Jewell Towne Vineyards. In fact, there are more than a dozen different wine-making enterprises scattered across the state, so your wine tasting possibilities are essentially endless! Check out the New Hampshire Wine, Cheese, & Chocolate Trails brochure for more information on winery locations and hours. This is a great way to plan your next wine tasting experience.

In addition to the aforementioned brochure, you can also check out annual wine-related events, such as the Heart of the Grape Wine Tasting benefit in Concord. When you attend this event, you get to enjoy samplings from more than 100 different wines from wineries not just here in New Hampshire, but from across the globe. The proceeds from this event support the Genetic Counseling Program here at Concord Hospital Breast Care Center, making this an event you can feel good about attending. There are numerous additional opportunities for getting involved in this charitable event. Those interested in this event are welcome to get more involved by providing a service, volunteering or becoming a sponsor.

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