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Best Brain Exercises to Boost Your Memory

Much like physical exercise can help keep your body healthy and strong, working out your brain can keep you mentally sharp and focused as you get older. Aging can cause your brain to become less able to withstand neurological damage, but taking steps to promote your brain’s health can combat such memory-affecting deterioration. While many factors go into preserving the overall health of your brain from eating a well-balanced diet to engaging in regular physical activity, researchers have found that targeted brain exercises in particular allow you to increase your cognitive reserve and improve your memory. With that in mind, here are five excellent and easy brain exercises that you can engage in today to help boost your memory.

Solve Math Problems Without a Calculator or Pencil

Many of us rely on a calculator to perform even basic arithmetic, but doing so removes the memory-boosting power of this activity. Even using paper and pencil to work out a math problem is less mentally engaging that just figuring out the problem in your head. Challenge yourself to work out increasingly complex computations without any external aids.

Take Part in Activities that Engage All of Your Senses Simultaneously

When you engage in activities that exercise each of your senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch –your brain has to work harder in order to process all of the information. And this effort helps boost your brain’s connections and thus your memory. Easily accessible activities that draw upon all of your senses include a shopping trip to the farmer’s market or a cooking class in a new cuisine.

Switch Hands for Everyday Activities

This exercise may seem a little silly at first, but this tiny switch can significantly increase your brain’s activity level, resulting in improved memory. Simply use your non-dominant hand to do everyday tasks, from eating to brushing your teeth. Most people find this very difficult, but that effort is where the exercise lies.

Challenge Your Recall

Remember the card-matching game Memory from your youth? Play your own version of it in your head. Make a list for yourself and do your best to memorize it; after about an hour, test how many items you can remember. The more challenging the items on your list, the greater the mental stimulation.

Learn Something New

Picking up a new hobby can help stimulate brain activity, as the act of learning itself can boost the connections within your brain. Almost any new activity can benefit your brain’s health and boost your memory, from taking up a new language to learning how to play chess. However, the brain-boosting benefits wear off after you’ve mastered your new hobby and your brain has become more efficient at the task. Combat this by challenging yourself to continue to learn new and fresh skills.

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