30 Reasons Why Being Old is Awesome

Getting old is nothing to lose sleep over. In fact, when you get older, you’ll find that there are so amazing things in store for you (and not just AARP).

1. Big Savings

Senior discounts are significant and can make a huge difference when you’re trying to budget money. Restaurants and retailers love senior citizens and are usually more than willing to give them savings of 20 percent or more when they visit their establishments.

2. Greater Capacity for Empathy

The image of becoming a grouch as we age is completely inaccurate. Science has proven that with age comes an increased sense of empathy. Researchers from the UCLA Center on Aging has asserted that empathy is the foundation of design processing and is refined, as we grow older.

3. No Future Worries

You already know how life has turned out for you, so there is no need to stress about what kind of job you’ll have or who you’ll marry.

4. Increased Confidence

You have a better sense of what you can and can’t do. You are more confident with your abilities.

5. More Quality Experiences

You don’t have time to waste time on things that add little to no value to your life. You’ll only seek out the things in life that are emotionally rewarding.

6. Less Hassle

When you’re older, you won’t get bothered as often to do annoying favors for your friends and family like helping them move to a new place.

7. Playing the Old Card

As you age, you can easily use the excuse, but “I’m old” to get out of doing annoying favors for others like moving furniture.

8. Being a Grandparent

Nothing is better than having fun with your grandkids than sending them back home with your kids at the end of the day.

9. Lasting Friendships

In your golden years, you’re more likely to have a few close friends than a ton of casual acquaintances.

10. Fewer Worries

Life as a teen or young adult sometimes feels like a popularity contest. Once you’re older, you don’t care as much about what others think about you.

11. No Dating Drama

There are usually a lot of highs and lows when you start a relationship in your 20s and 30s. If you begin a new romantic relationship when you’re older, you’ll both have the maturity to communicate well.

12. Retirement Age

If you’re not already retired, then the end is in sight. It’s not like when you were in your 20s and retirement sounded like a faraway destination.

13. Better Cognitive Abilities

A University of Illinois study found that older air traffic controllers excelled at their jobs despite short-term memory deficits. They were better at navigating and juggling multiple aircrafts than their younger counterparts.

14. More Sleep

When you’re a senior, you’ll have no qualms about going to bed at 9 pm and sleeping in late the next morning.

15. Becoming a Guru

Many of your relatives are likely to seek your counsel because they know you have been through a lot and have good advice to offer.

16. Less Fashion, More Comfort

No one expects an older adult to head out in ridiculous heels and tight, uncomfortable clothing. Dress for comfort because you earned the right.

17. Paying Off the Big Bills

When you’re older, you’ve likely paid off a lot of your “big” sources of debt: mortgages, school loans, and maybe even car loans.

18. Permanent Residence

When you’re younger, you’ll likely move around place to place frequently. As you age, you can settle into a community to live in a supportive and caring environment.

19. Healthy Habits

Seniors are more in tune with the value of good health and will make an effort to eat better and exercise regularly.

20. More Complex Reasoning Skills

As you age, your ability to reason will only improve and you’ll find yourself able to easily make sense of a difficult problem.

21. Less Stress

You won’t agonize as much about things out of your control. You’ve come to realize there’s no sense in getting upset over the small stuff.

22. Health Takes Precedence

You’re not likely to skip out on doctor’s appointments and routine tests since you want to live out a long and healthy life.

23. Career Permanency

Being settled into your career path and at a senior level takes away a lot of unnecessary work stress.

24. Self-Reliant

Growing up without modern technology has made us more self-reliant as a group.

25. Appreciating Every Moment

After you hit a certain age, you’ll get a strong sense that every moment of your life should be enjoyed and not wasted on the inconsequential.

26. Fewer Dumb Mistakes

Although you can be a risk taker when you get older, you don’t have to make reckless decisions. When you’re older, you’re more likely to avoid dangerous behaviors such as speeding and drug and alcohol abuse.

27. Look to the Future

Seniors are more likely to make sure they are contributing in a positive way for future generations.

28. No Mood Swings

When you’re older, you have a better handle on your emotions. Things that may have angered you in your formative years will have little to no effect on you.

29. Overall Sense of Happiness

In the book, 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans, those surveyed who were in their 60s and older stated the last five to ten years were the best of their lives.

30. More Time for Travel

With the kids older and out of the house, you can plan out all of the dream vacations you’ve been picturing through the years.

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