Thanksgiving Recipes with a Twist: Try These Healthier Options

healthy-thanksgiving-recipesThe holiday season is in full swing and that means that it’s time for Concord residents to begin preparing their Thanksgiving feasts. This year, you can easily make your Thanksgiving menu healthy without sacrificing any of your favorite traditional flavors. Whether you’re a big fan of a tasty turkey, you simply love trying out new side-dishes or dessert is something you long for all year — creating a healthy menu is a great way to enjoy the holiday without over-indulging. Take a look at some of our favorite healthy Thanksgiving recipes to get a bit of inspiration for your holiday celebrations.

Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes to Try This Year

Side dishes really help to make a meal more filling and special. During the holidays, there are few things more well-loved than a yummy side dish that everyone at the dinner table can enjoy. Whether you need a bit of starch or you have a vegetarian guest who loves lots of greens, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Roasted Beets with Horseradish Cream – This side dish could also work as a delicious appetizer depending on how fancy your celebration will be. Perfect for the cooler weather, this healthy recipe features roasted beets, a creamy horseradish spread and crunchy rye toast.
  • Healthy Potato Gratin – Sure, mashed potatoes may be a staple at most Thanksgiving celebrations but they are typically full of fat and with the addition of gravy on top, they can be a bit much for those who want to keep their menu healthier. So, try this creamy and flavorful recipe instead.
  • Roasted Carrot and Quinoa Salad – This healthy and hearty side salad is a great substitute for richer salads that are full of dairy and other fats. With this option, your guests can enjoy sweet and delicate roasted carrots along with quinoa, a popular superfood.

The star of any Thanksgiving celebration is definitely your main course. Whether you’re going with a traditional turkey or you feel like mixing it up with a different protein, try going the healthy route this year.

  • Citrus-Marinated Turkey – This update on the classic turkey dinner is sure to keep your guests happy and leave plenty of room for dessert this Thanksgiving. With this recipe, you can ensure that your bird is tender and succulent by brining and marinating it ahead of time to bring out the natural flavors of the meat.
  • Pomegranate Brisket – This creative alternative to turkey features the bright and delicious flavor of seasonal pomegranates as well as a crunchy and healthy cranberry succotash. Serve it alongside your traditional turkey or go against the grain this year with an interesting new take on the holiday meal.

Don’t forget about dessert! While it may sound contradictory to some, you can still enjoy a tasty and slightly decadent dessert or 2 this Thanksgiving with our favorite healthy recipes.

  • Apple Crumble Pie – Apples are almost as important to Thanksgiving dinner as turkey and potatoes but many sweet desserts are full of sugar and extra calories that no one needs. With this yummy apple pie recipe, it’s okay to have a second slice.
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites – One of the easiest ways to reduce your calorie and sugar intake during the holidays is to opt for desserts that are small and dairy-free. These vegan pumpkin cheesecake bites are packed full of familiar flavors but won’t push you over the edge this Thanksgiving.

Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Celebration

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