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Does Location Matter When Choosing an Assisted Living Community?

There are many different factors that families may consider when choosing the right assisted living community for their family members. Everything from the level of care offered to cost and amenities should come into question. But what about location? Recent studies have shown that 60 percent of seniors moved into communities that were located in cities they had never previously considered. When choosing a great continuing care retirement community for yourself or your loved ones, the geographic location should be high on your priority list.

Does Location Matter When Choosing an Assisted Living Community?

When looking for a great place to spend your retirement years, it never hurts to cast your net wide and include more than one city or state in your search. Whether you want to be closer to relatives who live in another state or you’re interested in a different climate from the one you’re used to, there can be many benefits to broadening your horizons.

According to a 2016 study, only 36 percent of seniors moved into a community that was located in their preferred primary location. With 60 percent choosing a community away from their preferred location and 4 percent moving to a different state entirely, it is interesting to see that location is important but not always a deciding factor.

Why Location Really Does Matter for Seniors?

Even though 60 percent of seniors moved to locations that they didn’t initially prefer, other factors related to location were an important part of their decision-making process. For example, primary locations may not work out because the city of choice doesn’t meet your specific health or lifestyle needs. In these situations, a neighboring city with better access to the amenities seniors look for is typically a better option. Other important factors related to location include:


Senior community costs can often be heavily influenced by property values and rent prices in a particular neighborhood. While you may like the idea of living in a city center, a suburb of the city may be more affordable. With huge price differences to take into consideration, seniors may opt to go with a more affordable senior living community that is near their preferred location instead.

Medical Facilities

If you or a family member has a chronic illness or need access to regular treatment, proximity to medical facilities should play a huge factor in where you choose to live.

Access to Loved Ones

The opportunity to live near loved ones can also mean that seniors will gladly look in different areas than the ones they had expected. While the idea of moving back to your hometown may have been appealing if an assisted living community offers all of the amenities you need and is near loves ones, the switch is easy.

Why Do Some Seniors Move to Another State?

Even though just a small percentage of seniors (4%) choose to move to another state, their reasons for doing so are particularly interesting. Typically, when seniors move to another state they take into consideration 3 main factors, including:

  • They have family who live out-of-state
  • Their family lives near state lines
  • They want to live in a warmer climate

Whether you want to be closer to your family or you want to get away to a warmer climate due to health and lifestyle reasons, keeping your options open for a great assisted living community outside of your home state can have a few different advantages.

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