Benefits of a Senior Living Community

As you get older and begin to move towards retirement, like so many others before you, you may find yourself faced with a number of important life-changing decisions. Will you continue to work, part- or full-time? At what age would you like to stop working entirely? Should you stay in your home or consider relocation? After all, you just don’t need as much floor space as you once did when you were raising a family.

Additionally, many older adults find they don’t have the energy they used to have to keep up with the required maintenance and yard work … at least, not like they did when they were a bit younger. And, besides, you’d rather expend the energy you have doing something much more enjoyable, wouldn’t you?

The signs might be pointing toward relocation, but let’s face it. Choosing where to live is a big deal. Moving out of a family home filled with memories is difficult. But when you’re ready to make the move, choosing to move into a smaller single-family home with an easier-to-manage yard may not be the best option. No matter what size home you move into, living alone comes with maintenance, additional expenses, and the possibility that keeping up will become more difficult over time.

To alleviate those concerns, everyone at or near retirement should consider the benefits of a senior living community. Even if you’re fully capable of living independently and can keep up with all the yard work and maintenance required when living in your own home, a senior living community could help ease your stress and allow you to enjoy your retirement the way you deserve.

Go to any senior living website and you’ll see testimonials from people who share how much they enjoy their lives because they’ve chosen to live in a senior living community. When asked, many will tell you they wish they’d made the decision sooner.

Too often, we just don’t consider the benefits of independent living in a senior living community, thinking that if we don’t need assistance, we don’t need a senior living community. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s look at some benefits gained by choosing to live independently in a senior living community.

Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Modern senior living communities are sometimes described as luxury, resort-style living with wellness programs and amenities. Here is just a small sample of what many communities offer.

Social Events

Many older adults find themselves isolated, spending much of their alone. They no longer feel comfortable driving. Their spouse has died. Family and friends have moved. Any number of life events can trigger isolation and loneliness which can lead to various physical and mental health issues, increase the odds of premature death, cause depression or lead to poor cognitive performance, which increases your risk for developing dementia. Senior living communities offer countless formal and informal opportunities for residents to socialize and become involved while developing close social connections and friendships.

Senior living communities have a calendar full of activities planned throughout the week, offering residents a chance to socialize while enjoying various hobbies and interests both on- and off-site. Activities and events may include informal games, movie nights, a variety of exercise lessons and classes, birthday celebrations, cooking classes, day trips and so much more.

As one of our residents, Homer Chalifoux, has shared, “It’s easy to make friends here. You’d have to work hard not to! You meet people here who are interested in different things and have varied backgrounds, and it’s great to get to know them and see life through their lens.”

Services and Amenities

Senior living communities offer a number of benefits and services that you don’t receive in your own home. For example, few homes just don’t come with a clubhouse, a gym, billiard’s room, movie theater, swimming pool, and a cultural arts center. Senior living communities often include these and many other amenities.

In addition, many communities offer services including housekeeping, chef-prepared meals with restaurant-style dining, an on-site beauty salon and more. One of the services we’ve seen residents enjoy most is transportation. With transportation services, you can toss the car keys and the associated payments and gas bill to someone else who needs it, because you won’t.

No More Home Maintenance and Repair

Are you tired of keeping up with the responsibilities of grass that just keeps growing? And weeds that grow even faster? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could putter around in the garden only when and if you wanted to, leaving it to someone else when you just didn’t feel like it?

How about never having to worry about fixing any unanticipated, and often costly, maintenance issue in the home? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk safely outside in the winter because someone else has shoveled all the snow and ice? What if someone else would step up and take care of the chores and problems associated with homeownership?

In a senior living community, someone is there to do just that, taking care of chores and addressing problems so you don’t have to worry about getting it done, or the cost of doing it. Home maintenance and repairs are all taken care of by the staff, so you can spend time pursuing what you want to do, not what you have to do.

Reduced Cost of Living

Most adults believe that senior living communities are more expensive than staying in your own home. But when you take a thorough look at what it costs to continue living in your own home versus what it costs to live in a senior living community, you might be very surprised, especially when you look at all the extra benefits and services that are available in most senior living communities. Many times, it can be less expensive in the long run to move to a community.

It’s important to look at all the costs involved when you make a comparison such as this. Calculators, such as this one provided by A Place For Mom, make it easy. Genworth’s cost of care calculator also provides you with the average cost of most long-term care options.

Safety, Security and Proper Nutrition

Living in a community offers many perks, including safety, security and having access to healthy, chef-prepared meals. It can be difficult to prepare meals for one or two people. And, it’s no fun dining alone. In a senior living community, you can eat healthy, chef-prepared meals every day. Best of all, you’ll never have to shop for groceries, slave away in a hot kitchen or do dishes ever again – unless you choose to.

The security and safety of living in a senior living community cannot be understated. From security cameras to friends coming and going, to staff checking to make sure you’re alright, many older adults feel much safer and more secure, more so than they do while living alone in a private home.

Tour Senior Living Communities in Your Area

The benefits of senior living communities are well documented, but if you haven’t visited a community recently, check some out for yourself. Many current residents wish they’d toured and made the decision to move earlier.

Ruby Bartlett, a Havenwood Heritage Heights resident, advises other adults to consider senior living at younger ages. “The first and most important thing to remember is don’t wait too long to make the move. Now that we have been here for a year, we can appreciate that advice even more,” she said.

If you’re considering communities in the Concord, New Hampshire area, don’t forget to check out Havenwood Heritage Heights. We’d love to show you how we work hard to make your retirement the one you’ve always dreamed about. As a resident of a senior living community, such as Havenwood Heritage Heights in Concord, New Hampshire, you’ll have freedom and peace of mind which will enable you to focus on enjoying life. Want to learn more? Contact our friendly team online today. See what a “Senior Loving” community has to offer.


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