Skilled Nursing Care in Concord

A team-centered approach in our skilled nursing program

As part of our full continuum of care at Havenwood Heritage Heights, our residents have access to skilled nursing should they need it at any time.  We also offer direct admission to individuals from the Greater Concord Community with a select number of accommodations.

Whether you need short-term skilled nursing during recovery from a medical condition, short-term rehabilitation, or long-term skilled nursing care, the attentive staff at our certified, 70-bed skilled nursing facility will provide the highest level of care. We have a team-centered approach in our skilled nursing program, which means social workers, care managers, physicians, nursing assistants and nurse practitioners, all work together to provide support, care and guidance to our residents as they transition to skilled nursing.

Our skilled nursing care facility is located at the Health Services Center on our Havenwood campus, where residents receive 24-hour nursing care and support in a comfortable setting.  Whether you’re receiving short term care or you’re a long term care resident, we make sure you feel right at home in our private and semi-private rooms with private baths.

As you receive care at our skilled nursing center, you’ll also experience the other benefits of Havenwood Heritage Heights. Our holistic approach to care means that not only will our skilled nursing care support our residents’ physical health, we will also nurture their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

With our individual care plans, each resident in our skilled nursing program receives individualized attention according to their needs, including social services, events and activities and access to our amenities. A licensed physician supervises each resident’s care and therapy including speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

In addition to services at our Health Services Center, many residents want to remain in their own homes to receive care.  To fit all needs, we offer Home Health Services to Havenwood Heritage Heights residents in their own homes as well.

Finally, we’re Medicare certified.  This means that after a 3-day qualifying period in a hospital and with a physician’s order, Medicare Part A will pay for our skilled nursing services.

Overview of Health Services Center Programs

The Havenwood Heritage Heights Health Services Center has a total of 124 beds.  The configuration for each unit is as follows:

Skyview Terrace or Lighthouse Lane – Nursing Facility Care (NF)
Havenwood Heritage Heights has 115 beds licensed as NF level of care in the Health Services Center.  Seventy (70) of these beds are dually certified to provide Medicare Part A Skilled Care or for Medicaid reimbursed care.  These seventy beds are inspected and certified annually under the Federal OBRA regulations.  The additional 25 NF beds are licensed and inspected annually under the State of NH regulations and are restricted to members of the CCRC for private pay care.   Residents receive 24-hour restorative nursing care including assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, nutritional monitoring, ambulating and continence care.  Palliative and End of Life Care is also provided at this level of care

Rainie Unit – Supported Residential Care (SRC)
Havenwood Heritage Heights has 29 beds licensed as SRC, also known as the Rainie Unit, in the Health Services Center.   Residents of the SRC receive 24-hour nursing support; medication management and some assistance with activities of daily living.  They are able to manage incontinence with minimal assistance, ambulate safely on the unit with or without assistive devices and self evacuate the building in the event of an emergency.   This level of living is inspected and licensed annually by the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Health Facilities.

Skilled Nursing Care
Skilled Nursing Care is available within the seventy (70) certified NF beds of the Health Services Center.  After a 3-day qualifying stay in a hospital, and with a physician’s order,  Medicare Part A will pay for skilled nursing and /or rehabilitation services up to 100 days or as long as the resident meets the Medicare criteria for SNF level of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skilled nursing?
Skilled nursing is a term used when a resident’s level of care or treatment can only be performed by a licensed nurse. Examples of skilled nursing include certain types of rehabilitation, complex wound dressing, tube feedings, etc.

Is your skilled nursing program Medicare certified?
Yes. This means that after a 3-day qualifying stay in a hospital and a physician’s order, Medicare Part A will pay for our skilled nursing services within our Health Services Center at Havenwood Heritage Heights.

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